Thursday, August 15th | 9:30 PM
Specchia | Palazzo Risolo
Free ticket

Materazi Future Club is post-punk, distorting guitars, dancing and making people dance, making lo-fi the most beautiful sport in the world. “Materazi Future Club” was founded in 2020 by 3 roommates who decided to combine disco-punk music with the most famous interviews from the world of soccer, focusing on the poetry and naive romanticism of the latter. The project officially comes to life with the release of “De Rossi” by Woodworm Label, intriguing some of the most important music, soccer and fashion publications. In February 2020 on the occasion of MiAmi TVB, the band takes the stage for the first time, managing to make a Circolo Ohibò in Milan dance sold-out for the occasion. Two years of stop followed and the band decided to return to the stage only when the audience would have had the freedom to jump, and this happened in 2022 with, among others, live performances at Circolo Magnolia in Milan and the Farm Festival in Bari. In 2022 the band also touched the cities of Rome, Grosseto, Turin and Piacenza. The songs “Cassano” and“Gattuso” in 2021 were included by Spotify in the “Notti Magiche” playlist compiled for the European Football Championship 2021. In December 2022 they released their first album “Formazione Titolare” which intrigued and excited many Italian sports and music media. In 2024 they return with new music and new stories to tell, releasing the single “Dio Pedona Riganò”featuring Federico Russo, who anticipates the EP“Punkinari“, released in April 2024.