Tuesday, August 13th | 9:30 PM
Corigliano D’Otranto | Castello Volante
Ticket 20 euros
Presales available at Dice.fm and Ticketmaster.co.uk


YĪN YĪN are people who live the night, and their union starts right by co-organizing and sharing the console of many DIY parties. Before the band formed, no one had sought a conventional career or completed their studies. Their journey began when Yves Lennertz and Kees Berkers decided to record an audiotape outlining influences and references to the music of South and Southeast Asia. Once the artistic idea took shape, armed with a multitude of musical instruments in a rented rehearsal room near Maastricht, they recorded songs in three days with a couple of microphones. In doing so, they asked friends to help them with the work and have since become a full-fledged band with Remy Scheren on bass, Robbert Verwijlen on keyboards and occasionally Jerome Cardynaals on percussion. In early 2022 YĪN underwent a major line-up change when co-founder Lennertz left the band and was replaced by guitarist Erik Bandt. The new lineup brings a new energy to the band that will lead them to conquer stages throughout the European continent.