Thursday, August 15th | 9:30 PM
Specchia | Palazzo Risolo
Free ticket

I Hate My Village band was born in 2018 from the meeting between Fabio Rondanini on drums(Calibro 35, Afterhours) and Adriano Viterbini on guitar(Bud Spencer Blues Explosion and many others). Brought together by their love of African music (both were touring with Bombino and Rokia Traoré) and curious about evolving its sounds, the two began rehearsing together and jotting down ideas and then recording with producer Marco Fasolo(Jennifer Gentle). At a later stage, the two involved Alberto Ferrari(Verdena) on vocals. Thus was born a new sound, unique in the Italian scene, which takes shape in the homonymous debut album I Hate My Village(2019, La Tempesta International). The album is enthusiastically received by the press and the public: to prove it, the numerous reissues of the album and the great success of the long tour that took them to stages all over the peninsula. Also in 2019, I Hate My Bonus Track was released, an Ep with three new songs and a live version of the single Tony Hawk of Ghana. In 2021 the band returns with a new Ep, Gibbone, and a remix of Tony Hawk of Ghana with Cal and Ice. On March 21, 2024, the band released a new single, Water Tanks, which is followed by Artiminime. The tracks anticipate Nevermind The Tempo, the new album released on May 17 by Locomotiv Records. Nevermind The Tempo is a kind of manual for getting it wrong. An ungrammatical record that seeks no grammar, chases no musical architecture but sketches a world that has no equal in our country’s musical landscape: crooked and distorted, visionary and magical, improbable and hallucinated, unmistakable and overwhelming. More than a world, the one created by I Hate My Village is a real universe, full of galaxies to explore: a free and liberating creative big bang traversed by unpredictable sound meteors, a hypnotic black hole to be sucked into. An album that is a eulogy of approximation as a response to our time’s nagging quest for perfection. It is the brilliant, wild and unabashed fusion of four artists who are very different but able to complement each other to perfection, in a natural and instinctive way, shaping a misaligned but meticulously assembled mosaic of sound, formed by imprecise pieces of surprising insights, irreverent combinations and contaminations that corrode any rule or pre-established balance. Nevermind The Tempo encapsulates the spirit and intentions that have animated the band since its founding in 2018: ten tracks that show how to travel through the sounds of Africa without sounding like a white tourist, how to creatively self-destruct, and how to make words and sounds transit, without paying too much attention to narrative, says Adriano Viterbini.