Wednesday, July 31st | 9:30 PM
Corigliano D’Otranto – Castello Volante
TICKET 12 euros
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If our world is becoming artificial, aseptic and less warm, the French group Dov’è Liana believes that the true essence of life lies in the relentless pursuit of beauty, truth and love. Music must once again become a powerful medium for capturing those magical moments in our lives that transcend cultural boundaries. The unique approach of Dov’è Liana is based on a bold exploration of the emotional connection between music and everyday life. Inspired by their experiences in Palermo, they infuse their songs with a “wild and sensual” energy that transcends musical genres. Beginning to write lyrics in Italian, they deliberately chose the language of love and art, creating a captivating sonic experience. Their music is bewitching, blending house rhythms with lyrics that evoke the lively nights of the Taverna Azzurra and the vibrant streets of Palermo’s Vucciria. Their songs, such as“Perché piangi Palermo” and“Ecco la Notte“, are musical testimonies to their deep love for the atmosphere of this very special city. With nearly 80,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and more than 30 sold-out dates in Europe, they have managed to convey their love for the atmosphere of this special city. They have been able to convey the vibrant soul of southern Italy remaining true to their unceasing pursuit of pure and magical moments. A pursuit just begun… It’s during an evening in Palermo that group’s members meet Liana. Lost from sight as quickly as she appeared, Liana was a love at first sight, as strong as it was fleeting. She quickly became a symbol of the three boys’ search for those magical moments in life. They extend this search for boundless emotion with their debut album, A Spiritual Thing Happened To The World. Rejecting the brevity imposed by the standardized music industry, with this album Dov’è Liana take the risk of creating a powerful emotional connection with their audience. They explore a bold artistic object, not unlike the tradition of Rocks’ iconic albums designed to be listened to over and over again. Articulated in two parts, the album combines the festive effervescence with profound messages of hope and love. The first part, intensely festive, blends Rock and Dance Music and is based on the group’s previous hits. The second, based on House Music, explores softer themes, surprising in both content and form. Scheduled for release in September 2024, the first part of A Spiritual Thing Happened To The World will be preceded by a series of surprises, strengthening the bond with fans and gradually revealing the contours of this new musical journey. An invitation to immerse oneself in an experience in which the pursuit of the ephemeral becomes eternal.