Wednesday, July 31st | 9:30 PM
Corigliano D’Otranto – Castello Volante
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Born in 1998 in Rome, cap always lowered over her eyes, metropolitan attitude and resonant soul of Nature: Coca Puma is the moniker of Costanza Puma, an eclectic nu-jazz-trained artist who eludes any definition. Ethereal and magnetic she uses voice and textures from her productions to build her own world. A deep-rooted passion for Brazilian music and a more recent discovery of electronic music blend together in her DJ performances and in the interest toward the relationship between sound and image.
Written and produced by Coca Puma, anticipated by the singles “Porta Pia” and “Tardi”, in Panorama Olivia a well-defined, authentic, and innovative musical vision clearly emerges, ranging from writing to production, from the mix and to the sound design.
In the songs, electronic elements alternate with acoustic elements, relaxed and minimal momentsalternate with explosive sections culminating in climaxes, rhythms marked by beats and experiental growths link to the emotional mood that music and lyrics suggest. So voice over (Intro, – Intro Notte ) introduce deep synthesizers (Porta Pia) and straight bass drum (Notte). Distorted drums and drum&bass turns (Non ci penso) open the dances to a more driven and darker electronics (Tappeto). Watery synths (Lupo Volkswagen, Interludio Isola) re-emerge from a drum machine toward a crescendo ending (Come Vuoi), a flow of sonorities that in their complexity find a perfect balance.
The soft voice, sometimes whispered but full of expressive power, cautiously intervenes, leaving space for the instrumental sections that sometimes become the protagonists of the storytelling (Tardi, Non Ci Penso, Notte, Come Vuoi).
Panorama Olivia feeds on several influences, from London-based British duo Jockstrap to psychedelic rock band Crumb, from Welsh electronic producer Kelly Lee Owens to British singer-songwriter Eliza. Lyrics are intimate and introspective: “It’s hard to define the beginning or development of my writing, it all happens by itself, in moments where I don’t feel control over what I’m doing. It is as if I become an antenna”, says Coke Puma. An unstoppable creative drive finds meaning in the fears and wishes recounted in Porta Pia, in the memories of a touched happiness that resurface in Lupo Volkswagen, on a journey into the unconscious between dream and reality in Notte and the Interludio Isola, in the desire for change in Tardi or in the emotional pitfalls of Come vuoi, the song that closes the album.
Panorama Olivia projects the listener on a free and cathartic journey into the ether, to the most brightest and purest point in space from which to be enveloped and overwhelmed.