Saturday, July 20th | 21:30 PM
Corigliano D’Otranto | Castello Volante
Ticket 12 euros
Presales available at Dice.fm and Ticketmaster.it

The Santamarea band was born in Palermo in early 2022 from the musical encounter between three brothers (Stefano, Francesco and Michele) and their acquired sister(Noemi). The band gets noticed right away in the local music scene with openings at concerts by Zen Circus, Gomma and Emma Nolde. In 2023 they participated in the 24th edition of Musicultura, winning the Musicultura 2023 Absolute Award, as well as the PMI Award for Best Record Project, the coveted Best Lyrics Award and the Piero Cesanelli Critics’ Award. May 4, 2023 the homonymous single “Santamarea” was released, produced by Roberto Cammarata (La Rappresentante di Lista, Omosumo, Waines), the winning track of Musicultura 2023, represents itself as a true manifesto song of the poetics of the Palermo-based band, both for its evocation of a marine imagery embellished with allegories and symbolism and vivid and decadent images, and for its electronic and choral, post-rock and Mediterranean sounds. The band is currently at work on the recordings of their first full-length album.