Saturday, July 20th | 21:30 PM
Corigliano D’Otranto | Castello Volante
Ticket 12 euros
Presales available at Dice.fm and Ticketmaster.it

A diary of experiences lived between folk, indie-pop and songwriter: “La musica di Forte” is Lorenzo Forte ‘sproject. From the Salento region, born in 1988, he is a self-taught singer and guitarist, who, after playing in some rock bands, begins his new adventure as a singer-songwriter. In 2020 he debuts with “Amore doni, amore vuoi” : nine songs about love and hate, about the passing of time and the difficulties of holding firm in a world of relative certainties. In 2022 two songs from the album(Bo and Anni) are included in the soundtrack of the fifth season of the successful series Skam Italy directed by Tiziano Russo. May 2023 sees the release of ENI, a second record work produced by Ada Music Italy. It’s characterized by a soft and raw sound at the same time, many questions and few answers. ENI is an authentic and complicated record that tries to say and understand all that we often keep only to ourselves. Romantic, intimate and melancholic, the singer-songwriter tells stories of everyday life that belong ,in one way or another, to each of us . A journey through vintage sounds, melodies with a singer-songwriter flavor, cryptic lyrics and arrangements that are at times bursting, at times minimal; a journey in which cathartic and obsessive moments give way to moments of respite and reflection, with typical northern European sounds immersed in the most traditional Italian singer-songwriter music. In 2023, director Tiziano Russo, after Forte’s collaboration for Skam Italy, chose the song Fulmini for “Noi anni luce”, his first feature film with Caterina Guzzanti and Fabio Troiano. Over the years, Forte has performed at various festivals and clubs and opened live shows for Gazzelle and ComaCose. He was a finalist for the Fabrizio De André Prize 2024.