Friday, August 30th | 9:30 PM
Lecce | TBA
Free ticket

The prime mover from which Thomas Umbaca’s musical creative flow moves is the piano, an instrument that had accompanied him from an early age and whose sounds constitute the familiar lexicon that allows him to express his inner visions naturally and spontaneously. Around a microphone and a loop station, voice and percussion converge in a strongly expressive language. Music as lifeblood, then, speaks to an audience without boundaries, reaches deep within, takes you by the hand and transports you into a world of shadows and colors. In his compositions rhythmic instinct and melodic inspiration alternate and compensate, mix and separate seamlessly. Contemporary music that feeds on the present and opens up to the world as we know it. On October 13, 2023, he releases his debut album “Umbaka” on Ponderosa Music Records: a merry-go-round of shadows and light that can turn into a welcoming refuge for anyone who immerses themselves in listening to it as it tells of a humanity we all know.