Thursday, August 8th | 21:30
Corigliano D’Otranto | Castello Volante
Tickets available at the box office

All the songs proposed will be in Grico, most of them composed by Valerio Daniele and Ninfa Giannuzzi. In fact, at the heart of the project is the writing of new music and lyrics and the search for a personal style where themes, words and poetry are placed in the current historical context. An ancient and sanguine remnant, the backbone of past communities, in the duo’s work Grico changes function and is sublimated into an expressive register. It is transposed in often paradoxical, imaginative terms and played as a kaleidoscopic carousel of sounds and images. On the musical side, the duo brings to life entirely new material, keeping under their skins the link with tradition but seeking a sound deliberately suspended between acoustic, electric and electronic, treating lyrics and melodies freely and untethered from belonging to specific musical languages. The arrangements thus range in different sound areas, touching on genres but with the clear intention of not adhering to any of them. Along with Ninfa Giannuzzi (singing, ukulele, synth) and Valerio Daniele (baritone guitar and electronics), two exceptional musicians embellish the sound of the project:Giorgio Distante on trumpet and tuba and Fabio Moschettini on classical guitar and ukulele.