Sunday, August 11th | 21:30
Lecce | Rudiae Archaeological Park
Ticket 12 euros
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Massimo Silverio, 1992 class, is an author and musician born and raised in Cercivento (Udine) in the heart of the historical-geographical region of Carnia. He writes and sings in his native language, Cjarniel, a minority language of the Carnic Alps. Between the charm of the borderland and the tradition of an ancient idiom, Silverio forms his very personal language of poetry and sounds that mingle between classical and contemporary, popular and cultured, acoustic, electroacoustic and electronic.

<<I have always had a strong attraction to the sound and meaning of thewords that I heard coming from the mouths of my grandparents and parents. Timbres, melodies and shades of meaning that I no longer found in those of my peers. So for my music I used the language of my heart, the metrics and flavor of Friulian villotta combined with a raw sound, evocative and full of contrasts.>>

A research begun at a very young age that led him to the creation of an imaginary made of ancient places, faces and rituals translated into music through the use of classical instruments such as cello, double bass, prepared percussion, piano or popular instruments such as guzla – an instrument from the Dinaric alps – but also synthesizers, guitars, organs and above all the voice that takes the lead with light and intimate timbres, mixing Carnic and English to tell a minority yet universal story. After 2 self-produced EPs she arrives in 2023 to the release of her first album entitled HRUDJA,” the result of a meeting with producer Manuel Volpe(Rhabdomantic Orchestra) and the contribution of Piedmontese musician and performer Nicholas Remondino(Lamie, Stefano Battaglia, Vieri Cervelli Montel). Together they have created a work of contrasts, sound-filled silences that fall outside the boundaries of a musical genre. Hrudja” is the Lombard ancestor of the word “Grusa,” which in Friulian means the scab that is created when a wound heals, a metaphor for rebirth and healing but also a coat of arms, a reminder of something that is disappearing.