Friday, July 26th | 21:30 PM
Corigliano D’Otranto | Castello Volante
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Maladè is the alias of Vincenzo Guerra, a drummer from Puglia. Maladé corners the interlocutor, leaving him suspended between hate and love. The word takes on a different meaning when used to express a state of mind. In this case it emphasizes melancholy, loneliness and dissatisfaction. The project translates into music the urban Mediterranean scenarios of the Adriatic side. The musical themes, minimalist and recurring, interpret the visual and social everydayness that the artist has experienced for much of his life, an everydayness from which one is often forced to escape in order to accomplish goals. Maladé ‘s astonishment manifests itself in the goal itself: to narrate that enemy everyday life that nevertheless unwittigly characterizes his artistic language. Music becomes the need to tell about the contrast of emotions that would otherwise risk implosion: running away from one’s homeland or living with the melancholy of it?