A sound walk at sunset in the vineyard, selections by Francesco Fisotti, music by neapolitan producer Bassolino, wine, food and an unusual and special cocktail: on Friday, June 21st(from 7:30 PM – ticket 12 euros including a glass of wine – presales available on Dice.fm and Ticketmaster.it) Garofano Vigneti e Cantine in the Tenuta Li Monaci Estate in Copertino hosts the Welcome Party of the 18th edition of Coolclub’s SEI Festival.


Characterized the claim “Perdersi per Ritrovarsi“, until August 30th the event will offer its musical journey around Salento. Among guests, just to name a few, CCCP – Fedeli alla Linea, Dardust, Beach Fossils, La Crus, Bar Italia, Yīn Yīn, Parbleu, I Hate my village, The Bluebeaters and many others. Waiting for the first date that will welcome singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright to Piazza San Giorgio in Melpignano on Friday, July 19th, this special evening celebrates the arrival of summer, the Music Festival and the official presentation of the festival program. From 7:30 PM we start by strolling through the vineyard, sipping a first glass of wine and listening to a musical selection on headphones by Francesco Fisotti. At 9 PM space for the live performance of Bassolino. The neapolitan pianist, composer and producer will offer songs from his debut album “Future City” (Jakarta Records – Periodica Records), a groove-laden record with a “shady, pulpy, grotesque and romantic” sound that is rooted in the past to draw a new, visionary “future city.” Produced together with Paolo Petrella, the album is enriched by a group of singers and musicians-including Linda Feki and Andrea De Fazio (Parbleu, Nu Genea) – who dialogue with each other maintaining their respective identities. “Underlying there is a strong collective idea: each musician has his or her own expressive and timbral space, trying to break certain genre stereotypes and trying to defuse the ‘revival’ risk. The challenge is all there,” Bassolino explains. Through an inextricable memory tangle and invention, history and imaginary, life and storyboard, the album passionately re-reads and re-actualizes the pop culture of the 1970s to try to interpret the present, with the political conviction that it is in the most popular forms of expression that the most authentic picture of a society can be found. “I am often inspired by philosophy and sociology: in fact, music for me has an explanatory value of a certain historical and social space, it’s a representation of society,” the neapolitan producer continues. A “Gramsciano” record: inspired by a decade of crisis, made in the midst of the crisis of our time. Immediately after, to conclude the evening, the salentine DJ and producer Francesco Fisotti (founder and artistic director of the “Quattro Bambole Music” label) will return to the console with his fresh selections.

During the evening, in addition to Food Est ‘s food proposal and Garofano wines, it will be possible to taste “Ok, bitter.” The cocktail was designed for the occasion by historian “Quanto Basta” from Lecce, winner of numerous awards in the world of “spirits.” The drink (Girofle rosé by Garofano Vigneti and Cntine, Cynar, lemon juice, orange bitter) is citrus and dry from the bitter ending and retraces, in the choice of ingredients, typical pairings and echoes of Girofle’s tasting profile, enhancing its fruity and slightly earthy line.


Designed, produced and promoted by Coolclub, under the artistic direction of Cesare Liaci, the SEI Festival is realized with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Region of Puglia and Nuovo Imaie, the patronage of the Lecce Province and the municipalities of Lecce, Corigliano d’Otranto, Melpignano and Specchia, the Creative Apulia Productive District and Assomusica with the support of Vini Garofano and Justweed and in collaboration with Castello Volante, TicketMaster, A.R.Va srl, Razmataz Live and other public and private entities. Info and program 3331803375 – www.seifestival.it.


3331803375 – www.seifestival.it

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